vWLC couldn’t be installed in vSphere6.7

But there is a way always.


C:\Users\Administrator>ovftool.exe –acceptAllEulas -ds=”datastore1″ –net:”VM Network”=”VM Network” C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\AIR_CTVM-K9_8_3_141_0_second.ova vi://vsphere/
Opening OVA source: C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\AIR_CTVM-K9_8_3_141_0_second.ova
The manifest validates
Enter login information for target vi://10.x.x.227/
Username: root
Password: ***********
Opening VI target: vi://[email protected]:443/
– Line 115: Invalid value ‘VM Network 2’ for element ‘Connection’.
Deploying to VI: vi://[email protected]:443/
Transfer Completed
Completed successfully

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